Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Wedding

Okay, so you can laugh at me, but I have to admit I was somewhat intrigued with the whole Royal Wedding thing. Yes, I was one of those who woke up early to watch it at 2am, only to fall asleep after one hour of watching guest arrive. Blah! (Thank goodness for DVR!) If I would have known I was going to be watching a bunch of who's who and a hat-fashion show for an hour, I would have skipped it and slept in for an extra hour longer! Anyway, but don't worry, I wasn't obsessed to the point that I bought into any "Royal China" with pictures of Kate and Will. But I did watch the Lifetime movie about them. ;) Maybe the reason why I've been so into the whole thing is because they are around my age and it's that whole fairy tale and carriage. But as we know, life after marriage isn't always a fairy tale. Of course there are the joys in marriage that make it a fairy tale, but no one talks about the difficulties after marriage, like infertility. As a little girl, I was spoon fed princes stories with happily ever after, and I ate it all up. Anyway....

So I posted a comment on facebook that I've been thinking about lately. I said "Congrats to Will & Kate! I thought the Royal Wedding ceremony was beautiful! But there was a lot mentioned about children. I hope she (they) don't have to deal with infertility. How would that be for pressure?" My friend posted a comment back telling me about a co-worker who grew up in Japan. She said "My co-worker grew up in Japan and got to witness the country's hype over their princess and her inability to concieve again after her daughter was born (of course, everyone was waiting for the boy...) she said it ruined the princess mentally and physically, the stress of being in the public eye under that type of scrutiny" and "Yes, and that was part of her point, that the press in Japan focused soley on the princess, as if it was her struggle alone..."

Kate is 29 years old. By her age, I had already been trying to get pregnant for 2 years, now I'm at 4 years of trying. I really hope they don't have to deal with infertility. I'm sure with the amount of money that went into their wedding, if they had to, I'm sure they'd have enough money to make sure a "Royal Heir" was doing IVF over and over again till it worked. The thing that I like about Kate and Will is that they come across as a very normal couple, in a not so normal way of life. I'm sure they would do things "their way" and not the "old fashioned-expected-because-it's-only-propor way." So if, for instance they did have to deal with infertility, I could see them doing it their way, or breaking the "rules" a little. (surrogate/donor egg/adopt.) Like they "broke the rules" regarding their wedding vows by omitting the word "Obey." :) But who knows, under the pressure of being royalty and producing an heir, and in a lot of cases a "male" heir, I don't know what I would do.

As we learn, there is a lot to be learned about the past. And infertility has been around since biblical times. So I've already talked about biblical characters who've suffered from infertility, but there are others in my family history that have suffered from infertility as well. I have two aunts who were unable to have biological children and chose to adopt. My grandfather's sister along with her husband to live child free. But if we dive further into my family history, yes we find Royal's who dealt with infertility in their own way. They've even made movies about these people! And I'm kind of a geek who like those kind of movies. Even if the movies aren't completely accurate, since they are movies, they make for good stories. I am english, french and scottish and german, I think that's all? So basically I'm a european mut. From what I've been told, we have a family history connection to the english royal line. And I've been told I'm also related to William Wallace. Yes "Braveheart" William Wallace. So the two movies that come to mind are "The Other Bolyn Girl" and "Braveheart." In The Other Bolyn Girl, King Henry the 8th divorces his wife Catherine for not being able to produce him an heir, and marries Anne Bolyn who went crazy trying to get pregnant and had several miscarriages. She tried to get her brother to sleep with her to get her pregnant, that's how desperate and crazy! And both were beheaded. Her sister, Henry's mistress Mary, I believe gave birth to a girl: Elizabeth. Or maybe it was Anne's daughter? I can't remember. Well, anyway that was his only child he had that was of royal line, so it must have been Anne's daughter. I'm sure King Henry would never admit, but he probably was the source of the infertility. And then in Braveheart, though the princes was not infertile, her husband the prince was a homosexual and according to the movie, didn't even have sex with her. That would be very difficult!!! I'm sure she felt a lot of pressure to reproduce an heir! So how was she to get prego? Handsome Mel Gibson (William Wallace) of course! There are two other movies that I like that also involve infertility: "Marie Antoinette" with cute Kiersten Dunst and "The Dutchess" with Kiera Knightly. I'm not sure if I'm related to either one of these women, for that I would have to ask my mom. Since her side of the family is big on family history. Anyway! Talk about the pressure of having to produce a male heir!!! Ah!!! These women went through extraordinary and difficult things, and I have a great respect for them because I can relate. Even crazy Anne Bolyn. So even though I have infertility, others have experienced it. I'm not the only one, even if it sometimes feels like it. I'm just glad I'm not a royal. :P